Monday, May 2, 2011

Death By Owl Release

Death By Owl ~ Danger. From. Above!

So we come to the final release of Death By Owl. But what is Death By Owl?

In DBO you play a tiny cricket alone in this giant forest. There's some other bugs around, and you compete for food. Life is normal, but look! In the sky! It's a giant bug eating nasty owl, and he's hungry. Luckily in this dark forest lit only by the moon and fireflies lies a poison mushroom. If you bait the owl and make him eat it you'll kill him. This assumes of course that he doesn't eat you first; so beware his shadow and cry - they are your only warning.

DBO was developed over 7 weeks as an IMGD4000 Level project by the Dev Team: Hammerspace Studios:
John Andrews - (Technical Developer) Chris Daley - (Artistic Developer) Kevin McManus - (Technical Developer) Jonathan Saunders - (Artistic Developer) Peter Worrest - (Technical Developer)

So enough but that what about the game?
Well it's available here for download.
And it's available online here.

Short Tutorial:
WASD - Move
Mouse - Camera Look
Space - Shove
Left Shift - Sprint
(Hosting/Connecting to Server is self explantory - note it uses the Unity MasterServer so lag/connection issues may occur.

Well then, we hope you enjoy playing DBO, and feel free to ask us about in the comments or dropping us an email. Remember - the owl's always out there.


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